Wall paper mural

Charlotte’s surrealist etchings and collages are printed onto high quality however now a selection of her works are being offered to you in the form of a Wall Art Mural for application directly to your chosen internal wall.
WE MAKE CUSTOM WORKS, just send us a photo of your wall and its dimensions, and we will be happy to prepare several proposals of visuals and framing. (you should allow 60 euros extra for this custom work).
Whilst ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ these decorative murals suggest a thousand words and more, creating a different aspect to a space by adding magic and enchantment.
They are being offered in various designs with different formats (depending on the model chosen, the number of strips and the width of the strip are specified).
A very good quality of very opaque, matt and smooth non-woven papers. Washable with a sponge and soapy water.
Easy to apply with good resistance to tearing, does not shrink when drying. Eco-friendly label.

160 g without glue (use non-woven paper/thick paper glue)
175 g pre-glued. On the reverse side there is a glue that can be reactivated by spraying with water and repositioned during installation.

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