Babel (blue)


Eve in Babylon- Opening up to elsewhere.

Blue – borrowing from celestial sweetness.

Travel from one’s room, becoming carried away watching this dream of womanhood. Echoing the paintings of Pieter Brueghel the elder, this engraving takes you on a journey into a dreamlike universe where a building takes shape. If the architectural drawing is very precise, it nonetheless remains imaginary and adorned with symbols (butterfly, feathers, key, rigging, numbers, and wonder)

Other colour:

Brown – sense of textures and subtle materials

Additional information
Weight N/A
Paper selection

160 g without glue, 175 g pre-glued


H.146×146 cm= 57,48" x 57,48" (2 sheets each 28,74" wide), H.166x 166 cm= 65,35"x 65,35" (2 sheets each 32,67" wide), H.219x 219 cm=86,2 " x 86,2" (3 sheets each 28,74" wide), H.249x 249 cm= 98 "x 98" (3 sheets each 32,67" wide)

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