Dream and bamboo


Strange dream, intersecting and mysterious glances

This panel is a mysterious panoramic. A sketch in ink, with discreet nuances, the strangeness of which is underlined by the sharp delicacy of the line.
The work is an invitation to take an exotic trip, and escape to a phantasmagoria where giraffes and boots meet and intertwine.

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Weight N/A
Paper selection

160 g without glue, 175 g pre-glued


H.129x 219 cm= 50,78" x 86,22" (3 sheets each 28,74" wide), H.147x 249 cm= 57,87 "x 98" (3 sheets each 32,67" wide), H.245x 415 cm= 96,45 "x 163,38" (5 sheets each 32,67" wide)

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