The Billiard room


A tribute to George Braque.
Smokehouse, brasserie and elegance.


This billiard room has the particularity of appearing to be a fresco painted directed on the wall. A graphic décor to evoke the atmosphere of felt and elegant interiors of the 1930s. It will give your room, or office, an elegant and warm atmosphere.
The dark green of this cubist composition offers an infinite possibility of combinations of colors while the elements of the décor emphasize the singular atmosphere of a game of billiard – calm, concentration and complicity.

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Paper selection

160 g without glue, 175 g pre-glued


H.142 x 219 cm= 55,9"x 86,22" (3 sheets each 28,74" wide), H.215 x 332 cm= 84,64"x 130,7" (4 sheets each 32,67" wide), H.237 x 365 cm= 93,3"x 143,7" (5 sheets each 28,74" wide)

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